Vinyl Composition Tile


Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) is a finished flooring material used primarily in commercial and institutional applications. VCT is a popular choice due to its low cost and durability. The tiles can be used in a wide range of color and design combinations to create unique, custom effects. The durable through-color construction provides years of lasting beauty. VCT is an economic, commercial grade product built to last. That, paired with the low cost of VCT installation and the ease of maintenance, makes VCT an attractive option for a variety of commercial applications. Millions of square feet of this well-known product have been installed in retail stores supermarkets, hospitals, and schools. It is also a very popular do-it-yourself product since it is easy to handle and install.


The primary raw material in VCT is limestone which is a natural, highly abundant ingredient. Vinyl and color pigments are added to provide product flexibility and design. These products, composed of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) chips, limestone, other fillers, a thermoplastic binder and color pigments are formed into sheets of varying thicknesses (1/8” is most common) by heat and pressure. The sheets are cut into floor tiles with the most common size being 12” x 12”. VCT is composed of 85% North American limestone and has a very low carbon footprint and is recyclable which contributes to LEED credits and reduces environmental impacts through landfill diversion and the cost of waste disposal.


Vinyl Composition Tile compo

Advantages of Vinyl Composition Tile

  • Modular flexibility including large format shapes and sizes
  • Long life value with true through-pattern VCT
  • Withstands heavy foot and rolling load traffic
  • Many products include a factory finish that makes initial maintenance quick and easy
  • Budget-friendly value with a history of great performance
  • Made in USA with lowest carbon footprint of all resilient products


  • VCT for commercial applications requires the use of an appropriate adhesive as specified by the manufacturer.
  • General installation information only. Specific installation instructions should be obtained from the flooring manufacturer.

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