Heterogeneous Sheet Vinyl


The vinyl sheet flooring offered today is the product of years of advancements in manufacturing technology and refined design capabilities providing more depth and texture than ever before. In-register embossed products are now available, and new and highly advanced finishes make sheet vinyl easier to maintain than ever. In addition to an increased focus on fashion, manufacturers laud sheet vinyl’s built-in benefits, such as its affordability and waterproof capabilities, and added new technology to improve those benefits.

Sheet vinyl flooring is typically offered in 6′ and 12′ widths for commercial and residential spaces, with products for both the professionally installed and do-it-yourself installations. Some manufacturers offer sheet vinyl in even wider widths such as 16’4”, often used in manufactured housing and recreational vehicles, to provide a continuous, seamless floor.


Heterogeneous sheet vinyl features a multi-layer construction with a wear layer which may provide a printed image or consists of solid chips made from vinyl resin providing endless design possibilities, lasting performance, and low maintenance cost. A layer of foam may be included for underfoot comfort which reduces impact noise and sound transmission and provides added flexibility for ease of handling and installation. Depending on the construction, these products are typically used in commercial, light commercial, residential, and multi-family applications.


Heterogeneous Sheet Vinyl Construction Diagram

Advantages of Heterogeneous Sheet Vinyl

  • Technological advancements provide authentic wood and stone visuals and patterns that reflect popular design trends in higher-end products like stone, tile, and hardwood.
  • Available in wide widths for a seamless installation that provides excellent top-down moisture protection.
  • A great choice for budget-conscious consumers looking for an attractive, durable, seamless residential flooring option.
  • Commercial grades of heterogeneous sheet vinyl flooring offer not only superior durability but also attractive design alternatives.
  • Some manufacturers offer loose-lay installation specifications to make these products simple and cost-effective to install.
  • Warm, quiet and beautiful.


  • Products come with either a fiberglass, felt or foam backing. Fiberglass-backed sheet vinyl can be installed without glue, or as a modified loose-lay product using minimal adhesive.
  • Felt and foam-backed products are applied to the subfloor with the use of an adhesive.
  • Sheet vinyl can typically be installed over a wide variety of surfaces.
  • Installing a vinyl sheet floor is a very exacting process that requires excellent cutting and seaming skills, and subfloor knowledge. Professional installation by a reputable flooring dealer is highly recommended and may save money in the long run.

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