Environmental Product Declaration

What is an EPD?

The equivalent of a sustainability “nutrition label” an EPD is a comprehensive disclosure of a product’s lifecycle-based environmental impacts. It documents environmental impacts from cradle to grave and offers a picture of effects on the atmosphere, water and earth. An EPD helps specifiers and purchasers assess lifecycle impacts and environmental attributes and facilitates product evaluation using factual data that is objective and transparent.

Environmental Product Declaration
Environmental Product Declaration

The resilient flooring EPDs are industry average, ISO 14025 Type III, third-party certified EPDs, which are recognized in environmental rating systems and standards including the U.S Green Building Council LEED Rating System and the Green Globes Rating System. The EPDs report the industry average data for five product types. These lifecycle assessments follow the flooring industry Product Category Rules (PCR) which are in accordance with ISO 14025 guidelines and were audited by PE International. EPDs are published for five categories of resilient flooring:

Using recycled and recyclable materials

Cutting back on waste generation

Reducing packaging-or eliminating it altogether

Lowering product emissions

EPD Transparency Summary

Detailed Downloadable EPD Information